Intermediate (and up) Workshops on Back Porch Blues Saturdays. Two hours in length and led by local and regional instructors covering a range of topics. See Facebook Group for updates on subjects, time, and place.




Join us in Nashville, TN on President’s Day Weekend for a revamped blues workshop aimed at exploring blues idioms, reshaping our competitions, and creating spaces to get educated and nerd out to your heart’s content.

Southbound Blues Exchange

Southbound Blues Exchange unites an incredible cast of musicians, DJs, and dancers together in Music City. Experience another dance weekend in the Music City with national musical stars and our homegrown favorites. In our new DJ Showcase, our guest DJs present musical topics they have carefully crafted for your dancing and learning pleasure.



Periodically we host one-day workshops and skill-focused weekends. We’ll keep you updated through this site and through our Facebook page.


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