Second Saturday Blues w/ Kirabelle Frabotta Quartet

Proud to announce our next artist for Second Saturday Blues: Kirabelle Frabotta!!


Curious how they sound? Check them out in this promo below


Saturday June 13, 2015

Beginner Lesson at 8pm

Music and dance start at 9pm!!

Admission will be $10 dollars

Global Education Center

4822 Charlotte Ave # 3, Nashville, TN 37209


Parking Information:

We are located at the Global Education Center: 4822 Charlotte Ave # 3, Nashville, TN 37209
GEC Front

This Saturday’s dance will be in the side studio, located in the image below.

GEC Side Door

There’s parking on the same side of the street as Global, but since there is another event also going on in the rooms next to us, we highly encourage to use the playground parking lot which has plenty of space. It’s highlighted in blues on the image below.

GEC Parking