Cancellation Policy

It is not the practice of Blues Dance Nashville to provide refunds for workshops or other events. Our ability to continue hosting events is contingent on the funds raised through registration and covers for dances. In the most extreme circumstances, we may consider offering refunds on an individual basis, but we reserve the right to not offer refunds for monies paid.

We allow transfers of passes until a certain cut off date (determined separately for each event) in order to mitigate the risk of loss of funds by the registrant in the event you cannot attend an event he or she have registered for. Recovering funds for transferred passes is solely the responsibility of the registrant, and will not be handled on the registrant’s behalf by Blues Dance Nashville. No exceptions.

Beginning in 2018, Blues Dance Nashville will no longer allow event pass deferments if a registrant is unable to attend an event or transfer their pass. “Deferment” as relating to Blues Dance Nashville events refers to holding pass from one annual event to the following annual event if a registrant is unable to attend or transfer their pass. This does NOT apply to deferments already approved in 2017 for 2018 events.

We will not refund cover charges for dances. No exceptions.


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