FREE Class on September 1st!!

Our signature class “What Is Blues Dancing?” kicks off this Thursday!! Join us as head instructor Kenneth Shipp shares how the blues dance grew along side the music, why we are revived and reliving it today, and how you can get involved.


This class is completely FREE and so is our social dance afterwards!!

Class: 730PM Dance 830-1030PM

Global Education Center 4822 Charlotte Pike Nashville, TN 37209

We will have refreshments available and alcohol is permitted (BYOB, please drink responsibly)

If you want to register early as we are expecting a full house, feel free to sign up through our Event Brite page here:

What Is Blues Dancing!! Find Out Sept 1st


We provide opportunities to learn about this amazing dance every week but we wanted to create a unique moment for the community to come experience our group and the history behind the dance. Join with us as we step back in time and explain how Blues Dancing came to be, how we dance it now and how you can get involved in this wonderful community!! We are throwing a FREE event for you so this a great chance to see what you’ve been missed and bring your friends to discover it too!!

Second Saturday Blues: Intermediate Lesson w/ Meghan Lisi


As if you didn’t have enough reason to come to Second Saturday Blues (Did you know Eli Cook is playing for 3 hours?) Meghan Lisi will be teaching a intermediate lesson as well before the main dance starts. The regular beginner lesson is still included with the cost of the dance. But if you want to take the Intermediate lesson, the cost will be only $5 dollars. If you don’t know who Meghan Lisi is, check out her bio below. She has been a force in the blues community for years and is a joy to dance and work with, come learn from her and you will not be disappointed!!

Meghan has been a dancer her entire life.  She learned how to “jitterbug” at the kitchen sink with her Mom when she was only 10 years old, and has loved all forms of swing dancing ever since.  From 2006 – 2010, Meghan spent a great deal of time studying and teaching Blues, Lindy Hop, Charleston and Balboa both in the US and in Europe.  After traveling and teaching, she landed in Memphis, and has been teaching with Red Hot Lindy Hop, ever since.  Look for her shakin’ it on Beale St. or Rumba Room in Memphis as well as at other Blues and Lindy events nationwide.

Meghan’s background in theatre has bled in to her dancing where often times music will create a character, a story, or just a feeling that will inspire her expressiveness and creativity with that partner in that moment.  She is always seeking to hit that perfect balance between listening to the music, her partner, and the dance they are creating together.  Her teaching style focuses on developing great technique, deepening the understanding of different connections and learning to let the music lead and inspire.  She will always be grateful for her time with “the greats” – Frankie Manning and Dawn Hampton, who inspire her to always find the joy in this fabulous dance we are privileged to keep alive.

Most recently, Meghan took first place in the Solo Blues Competition at Winter Blues in South Carolina – check her out here.